Mother’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Mother’s Day is coming up and you’re in charge of making sure the kids make special cards for their mom. Maybe you’re a dad or an older sibling or a helpful aunt. What do you do when the person who usually handles the craft-making is the surprise recipient? You can’t very well ask her for help.

First thing you want to do is to raid the art supply closet. Chances are you’ve got all the basics from glue to glitter to crayons and pom poms all at the ready. You can use everything you find to make homemade Mother’s Day cards that will be the hit of the big day. Moms love getting handmade cards from little ones (and also from big ones, too!).

Here are some ideas to get you started making fantastic cards that the kids will have a ball crafting.

Potato Stamps

There are few things more fun for kids than creating stamps that they carved themselves out of food. Take some raw potatoes and let them make their own “rubber stamps.” The idea is to cut the potato in half, carve out a design, and then stamp it in ink. Use the inked potato to affix an image to a card in the same way as you would a rubber stamp. The trick is getting the artwork on the potato with all little fingers and toes intact. You certainly don’t want to let young kids use a knife. But a plastic knife from a disposable cutlery set should be ok for kids over five. But you’ll still have to supervise. Most likely, you’ll want to do the actual cutting of the potato.

Help kids to create art that doesn’t have a ton of fine lines in it. Bold shapes like hearts, paw prints, flowers, stars, smiley faces, etc., all can be done without much intricacy. Go for the bold shapes and leave the rest to the imagination. Or, kids can embellish the designs once the outline is stamped on the paper.

Hunt online or through clip art books for shapes that will easily carve into a potato half. Once you have the design, you can either trace it onto the potato with a Sharpie marker or cut freehand. Adults with some art skills can easily make a shape that’s discernible as the object it’s supposed to represent.

(Get your own Potato Stamp Template.)

After the potatoes have been cut, have kids use stamp pads in different colors. Place the potato cut side down so the art touches the ink. Then stamp right away onto card stock or other paper. Any paper can be used including the backs of paper bags. Then, cut out the images or stamp an entire card and then embellish the image with glitter, markers, paint, glitter glue or pom poms.

With a very small amount of money spent on supplies, you can create memorable cards for all the moms that are in the extended family. Have kids use their own penmanship skills and try to avoid writing the cards for them if you can. The most endearing Mother’s Day cards are the ones kids write themselves. Put the date on the back so mom can always remember how old the children were when the card was made.

Author Bio:
Sarah is a writer who enjoys crafts, kids and party planning. She regularly contributes articles to the Holiday Gifts & Baskets blog, where you can find more ideas for Mother’s Day gifts.

Image Credits: jimmiehomeschoolmom and feli* from Flickr Creative Commons


Thank you Sarah for a great idea for Mother’s Day!  I’m sure we will all enjoy making these fun cards for the Mom’s in our lives!

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