Fun Ways To Teach Children This Easter

Easter has come early this year, as it usually falls around the first or second week of April. However this year Easter Sunday has fallen on March 31st meaning we will all be excited for the bank holidays that are coming up very soon! It is of course an important time of year in the Christian calendar and is celebrated across the world. It is a brilliant chance to use for inspiration in the classroom or at home, as a fun way to help children learn.

Turning events and important dates on the calendar into something that children can learn from is a fantastic idea. It is something different for them to get excited about and be interested in. Changing up the way you teach things to them will give a better chance of it sticking in their mind than just repeating the same ways.

Of course when you think about spring time and Easter pretty colors come to mind so it is a great time of year to make use of your art and craft supplies. There are great ranges tailored especially towards Easter from Early Years Resources to help you come up with some great ideas. If you are a teacher in a school of course an Easter egg hunt is a fantastic idea! Whether you are able to do it outside if the sun is shining down, or within the classroom it is a great way for kids to get to move around and learn. You could set up clues on each egg, for instance make it a part of math class by giving them sums to work out which will add up to a number that will lead them to the next clue.

Another fun activity to try out is to put all of the children’s names in a basket and let them pick out a name one at a time. They then have to use a polystyrene or wooden egg and decorate it to look like their classmate! They will have to pay close attention to detail and you can them put them up on display as a great personal touch to the classroom.

For young children you could use the spring season as a way to teach them the name of animals’ offspring. With cute lambs being born and bouncing around the field, they could draw pictures of animals and then try to match up the name of the young with the animal it should go with.

Make sure that every child is involved and use the bright spring time colors to your advantage to get them excited about leaving behind winter!


Thank you Zoe for another great guest post!

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