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Spring into spring!

Spring has finally arrived, and I know it is that point where we all breathe a sigh of relief because we can finally get outside and blow the cobwebs off so to speak!
With spring comes Easter, and what better way to enjoy the holiday than by getting outside with the children and letting off some steam.

A great idea I came up with to do this was with a Trampoline in the garden. Trampolines can offer so much fun and enjoyment to the entire family. Most people assume it is an activity just reserved for children, but I find it an amazing way to keep fit whilst spending time with your children.

You can burn so many calories bouncing up and down for an hour or so. You can even make up games to play with the children using this type of play equipment. You can have one person on the trampoline and a few people on the ground running around the outside of the trampoline. The aim of the game is to be the one bouncing on the trampoline the longest, and the only way you can get onto the trampoline is by getting a question right which is posed by the ‘bouncer’. This could be a maths question or word game, but either way it means the bouncer must try to come up with a question that they know the answer to but no one else does! I would suggest having a referee for this game so no cheating occurs!

After all that bouncing, you could use the trampoline to make an outdoor picnic party. If you have an enclosure on your trampoline, you could decorate it with Easter-themed bunting? These could be bunnies or egg shapes that everyone can decorate individually then attach them together with string or ribbon and tie them around the outside of your trampoline.

You could then make some yummy treats like bird’s nests made with Rice Krispie or Cornflake cakes (made by melting chocolate and mixing in either Cornflakes or Rice Krispies). You can add little chocolate eggs to look like the eggs inside the nest. These are so easy to make and don’t require any baking so perfect to get the children involved. You can also cut sandwiches into various Easter shapes – like rabbits or eggs to make them a bit more fun to eat. There tend to be a lot of Easter shaped cake and biscuit molds in the shops at the minute too. It is even a good way to get children eating carrot sticks and celery sticks – as this is what the Easter bunny eats of course!

Other fun themed food ideas (for those with a sweet tooth) can be found at the Disney family fun website. For some savory ideas – there are some great recipe at The Picnic Site.

So get outside, get bouncing like the Easter bunny and get creative with some Easter snacks and crafts, and hopefully you will have plenty to keep the whole family entertained over the holidays.
Written by Abbi Stewart, who is one of the ‘play experts’ from the Big Game Hunter’s Trampolines Shop in the UK.


Thanks for your guest blog article Abbi! Such fantastic and fun ideas!

Are you using Pinterest

Pinterest is a really fun new thing online. In essence, think of it as a virtual cork board where you can see things you like and then “pin” them on to the board. It is great for organizing and accessing wherever and whenever.

Here is a picture of one of my boards:

As you can see, there are a lot of really fun ideas there.  The best part is most of those pictures link to a blog or a tutorial on how you can do/make them yourself!  I also have boards for holiday ideas, food, free printables, and many more.  Follow all of the boards or just 1 or 2, it is up to you!!

So click on the picture above to see the excellent resource that Pinterest can be for you!!

St. Patricks Day Crafts

Here are some fun crafts for kids inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. Most of these I found on Pinterest and have linked each picture to the place you can find the instructions for each craft. Enjoy!

Shamrock hair clips: by Sugar Bee Crafts

Party Favors or  After School treats – by Maple Memories

Another version on the licorice and chocolate treats at

TSJ Photography

(including a printable topper to the bag)

Handprint Rainbow from Enchanted

Rainbow and cloud – by Everything Except the Grill

St Patrick’s Day Paper Mobile craft by

Leaping Leprechaun printable pattern from LearnEnglish-ESL

St. Patty’s Day Maze – by

Shamrock Maze from Family Fun

Journal Jars

Recently I did an activity with some 8 and 9 year old girls. We made journal jars. If you aren’t familiar with what those are, they are jars with questions that kids can answer while they are journaling. Sometimes they just help kids get the “creative juices” flowing but other times, the questions are some that when answered will give later generations a peak at what life was like when these kids were young.

So here are the questions we used. I printed them out onto colored paper to make the jars look even more pretty.

Here are the journal jars questions we used.