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What’s in the tub?

My daughter was in the tub in one bathroom and my son in the other. This is the easiest way to keep them both happy and let them take a bath at the same time. Then they aren’t dunking each other, and I can have at least 1 minute of peace between running back and forth to check on them! They had been in the tubs for about 5 minutes when my daughter starts to holler for me. She normally does this, so I just called out that I was coming in a minute so I could stash the toys back into their toy chest from the morning’s playtime. During that 30-second task, she started SCREAMING, “MAMA!!” Slightly concerned, I entered the bathroom to find her standing at one side of the tub, holding as many toys as she could. She was attempting to climb out, but with all the toys in her little hands, she couldn’t do much more than stand there. Quickly I noticed that she was looking over her shoulder at something slightly unusual floating at the other side of the tub. She had gone poop and was TERRIFIED of it!

After disposing of the “monster” I quickly dunked her in the tub where her brother was just long enough to wash the two of them. I’m just glad it wasn’t something worse!

…makes it all worthwhile!

There are times when I feel like I have been nagging at my son all day long. Because of this, I want to make sure that he knows I still love him. So lately, I’ve started to hug him and tell him, “You are my favorite Superkid” and “Thanks for being in my family” and “You a such a good boy”.

Well, the other night I had just about had it! I was so frustrated from the daily struggles and conflicts between the two of us, I put him into bed for the millionth time and grumbled something about staying there. As I was leaving the room came the cutest, “You’re my favorite mom”. I immediately melted and went back to give him a hug and he then said, “I love you family” and “You a good boy, mom”. I think that these are the moments that makes being a mom worthwhile!

How to Kill a Plant

Ok, my brother (the 4 year old) has done it again!

While I was visiting about 2 months ago, he would suddenly go running out the back door at full speed. After a time or two of this odd behavior, I went to the door to see what was so incredibly urgent outside. What I saw shocked me.

My brother was running outside to use the restroom! He ran out in the yard to a spot by the shed where the neighbor’s zucchini plant was coming through the fence, and then…ready, aim, fire!! He would “shoot” all over this plant and the ground surrounding. I just about died laughing and for the next five minutes the entire family was trying to figure out what was so funny. When I squeaked out the story, between fits of laughter, they thought it was pretty funny too. Needless to say that within a few days the plant was dead.
We were all very glad because no one wanted to explain to the neighbor why it wasn’t a good idea to eat the zucchini off of that plant.


Well, I am so excited to finally write that my little boy is pretty much potty trained! We tried EVERYTHING to get him here, and I had finally thrown my hands up in the air. Suddenly about a month later, my son comes to me and says, “I want to go potty now.”!! Hurray!! So anyways, he does pretty good at making it to the toilet and the times that he misses are getting few and far between (thank goodness!!)

And now, the funny part….

For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in a house of mainly girls. There were 7girls and 4 boys (including the parents), so we outnumbered the boys almost 2 to 1. Well, because of this…when we all made the transition out of diapers the clothing of choice to cover our nakedness was–”panties”! Being in a house of girls, dad’s arguements and influences only went so far, and finally just gave up on his boys wearing “underwear”.

This is not a lesson my huband got to learn. He is of the opinion that they should be called “underwear” or the compromise is “unders”. Its still quick, but not “panties”. My son has other ideas. He wants to call them “panties”. So the other night my husband and son (for about 20 minutes) argued about what they should be called, until my son came running to me, very sad but not to the point of tears, and tried to tell me about the disagreement. My husband laughed. I just told my son that Daddy didn’t have to know about calling them “panties” and that it was ok.

Several times since then, my son will tell me the story all over again and end with “but we don’t tell Daddy that they are ‘panties’”. I don’t think that it will last, but just one of those decisions that a 3 1/2 year old knows he can make and wants to make…So for now, every time we call them the “P” word, I just laugh.

Dinner Time Creativity

This entry has been a while in coming for 2 reasons. First, I’ve been “testing” out what I’m about to say to make sure its not a one time good deal, which is often how it turns with my kids! Second, I’ve been spending every free second I could working on my website trying to get the pages to look better.

That said, here is my work-in-progress theory…
My 3 year old is a pretty good eater, but there are times that he just plain doesn’t want to eat! I know he’s hungry because he will devour anything else I put in front of hum, EXCEPT lunch! So, in order to make things more interesting, I have started to name his food….the following list are the ones we’ve tried so far…
Steamed Carrots (cut in circle shapes)- Orange Circles
Fish Sticks- Fishy Fingers
Broccoli- Trees (ok, I didn’t come up with this one, but he seems to like it…)
Sandwiches cut into triangles- Triangles
Ham cut into long rectangles- Sticks

I know that there are more examples of this…but I can’t seem to think of anything at this moment! I don’t know why we actually started naming the foods, but my son really likes that things are different names and likes to eat them. It might be because it makes time at the table a little more fun, or maybe I’m just a little more fun when I’m encouraging him to eat his “sticks” rather than his ham.
Sometimes I will also say something like, “bet ya can’t eat 3 fishy’s” and then pretend not to pay attention. When he does eat them, I act like I don’t think that he did and ask him where they went. I act all surprised and confused. He really likes this too. My son gets more to eat at dinner and I’m not stuffing the food into his mouth…it’s a win, win situation!!

What was I thinking?

We were finishing up dinner the other night and the kids were completely covered from head to toe in mashed potatoes and gravy. Instead of stressing over my two “gravy monsters” I decided that the best thing to do was to stick them in the bath tub. I had been running late all night and was supposed to be attending an online team meeting. I hardly ever make it to the meetings at night simply because I forget, but I was determined to make it!

So I quickly run the bath while the kids are finishing up at the table and hurry to my computer to log on. As soon as I do this I run back to the table and grab the baby to stick her in the tub. I zip through undressing her and place her in the tub with the toys (and yes, there is water in there…) and make my way back to the computer.

A few seconds later she starts fussing (which I might add is a normal thing for her…she wants to be in the tub, then gets in and fusses till we take her out!…then she tries to climb back in…) I peek around the corner and say a quick, “Oh, you’re fine.” As I continue to try to catch up on what I’ve missed.

A few minutes later dad happened by and I hear, “What’s going on in here?”

“Oh, Great!” I think as I get up to see what disaster she’s made in the bath tub…And what do I see? Dad pulling her diaper off! I was in so much of a hurry that I had forgotten to take off her diaper when sticking her in the tub. Of course she knew mom had lost her mind, but I wasn’t listening! Poor kid…its pretty rough to be 17 months old and know that your mom is crazy!

The electrician and the plumber pants

Does the title give away the blog? I will just pretend as though it didn’t. Another story from my wonderful brother, the 4 year old that we call “Fire” because he is simply a fireball of pure energy! My parents have been updating the electrical in their house as they remodel and update different rooms of the house. They have hired the sweetest little elderly gentleman to do the wiring.

One problem. He brings new meaning to the term “plumber pants”! Add “Fire” to the mix and things always get exciting! Ed is fixing an outlet or something and “Fire” decides he needs Ed’s wallet…so he proceeds to pick-pocket Ed!! When he starts dancing around and singing, Ed turns around to see his wallet in “Fire’s” hands. So Ed, being the really nice guy he is, laughs and puts his wallet back.


Ed turns around again and continues his work. What does “Fire” do? He goes to find a pencil. Why? Lets just say he saw a great place to put it! And he DID! That’s one way to tell someone that their pants are hanging a little low!

“What-D’ya Think of That?”

Let me start out by saying that I’m the oldest of 9 kids. My parents have spaced us out a little bit so that my youngest brother is 4 and my youngest sister is 16 months (4 days younger than my daughter).

Because of this, it is a lot of fun when they are around because my kids have people to play with and my parents house is always kid-proofed!… That said, I had invited a gal named Brandy to visit us at our old house in Utah because she was looking to move closer to where we lived. My mom came down for a visit during this time, bringing all the kids that are still at home with her. So now we had 11 people crammed in my tiny 2 bedroom apartment.

Not bad, just makes life interesting….anyways, there’s the setting. My brother (the 4 year old) is a ball of fire…there’s no other way to put it…well, “Fire” had just had a bath after a long day of playing outside and running around. He was wrapped in a towel as he was escorted to the bedroom to get dressed, and as it usually happens, mom gets distracted!

There goes “Fire” exploring the house in towel. Once again, not bad because he is toilet trained! All of a sudden “Fire” spots Brandy and out of the blue throws open both sides of his towel, completely exposing himself (in all nakedness I might add) to her view while at the same time saying, “What-d’ya think of THAT?”!!! We all just DIED! …and what does “Fire” do, puts his towel back on and walks away. He has not “shared” again either before that time or since…strange what kids do sometimes!

Mommy brain

The other day my son was sure that I had totally lost my mind! We were about to say a prayer, so I leaned over to him and say “Its prayer time. Wash your hands.” Just then I realize what I had said…but the totally stunned and utterly confused look on my sons face didn’t give me any kind of a clue either!…So I quickly mumbled, “I mean, Fold your arms.” and then I proceeded to laugh all through the prayer. My son, on the other hand was completely quiet! Its pretty sad when your kid is only 3 and is sure that mommy has lost her mind!